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Which is the Best Grate for Grill – Select Your Own

Cast Iron Grill Grates: Don’t Bother:

Cast iron fry pans and griddles can become non-stick with use, so many people are under the misimpression that cast iron grill grates are also non-stick. They are not. Cast iron grill grates are more trouble than they are worth.

Cast Aluminum GrillGrates (TM) Are the Best Thing to Happen to Gas Grills Since Sear Burners:

GrillGrates are an amazing invention featuring reversible interlocking panels that increase the grill surface temperature, reduce flare-ups, and deliver perfect sears. GrillGrates also come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can customize them according to the size of your gas, charcoal, or pellet grill.

BBQ Dragon Spin Grate Makes Charcoal Grilling Easier:

The BBQ Dragon Spin Grate rotates 360 degrees, making cooking on round kettle grills much simpler. Spin it to avoid flareups or easily switch between direct and indirect heat. The grate is hinged so you can easily add wood or charcoal, or adjust your fire without removing the grill grate. Read our full review.

The Smokenator Hovergrill Expands Your Grill’s Cooking Capacity:

Made by the Smokenator people, this is a quality stainless steel grate with legs can do three great things for your cooking.

Thin Porcelain Enamel Coated Grates Work Reasonably Well:

A sturdy porcelain enamel coating is applied to a variety of metals of different weights. With proper care, these grill grates will work well and last for years.

Thick Enameled and Stainless Steel Bars Don’t Let Through Enough Radiant Heat:

As with cast iron, thick enameled stainless steel grill grates retain and transmit a lot of heat, making big bold grill marks: but that’s not what we want. They’re too thick to let through maximum radiant heat from the fire. That radiant heat is really what we’re after when trying to create great grill flavor.

Tempered Expanded Steel: Best for Cages and Fences, Not Grills:

Here are the main strengths of tempered expanded steel grill grates: they are inexpensive and lightweight. Yes, they also make diamond shaped grill marks without having to rotate the meat, but grill marks are not the holy grail of great tasting meat. The truth is, there are better grill grates available.

Chrome or Nickel Plated Wire Grates Work Well And Are Cheap to Replace:

Yes, nickel plated steel grill grates warp under extremely high heats and eventually, the plating chips off, they rust, and you’ve got to pitch them. But they’re so cheap that replacing them is a cinch. If you have a Weber Kettle, I recommend upgrading to the hinged grates so you can easily add more coals and wood.

Thin Stainless Steel Is Durable and Does a Great Job:

Stainless steel grill grates can be made from thin or thick rods, but I prefer the thin ones that allow more radiant heat through, especially for charcoal grills. The problem with thick rods is that they block radiant heat and make large dark grill marks.

Grill Grates: Teflon and Non-stick Coatings:

Their best feature is that they clean up easily, with soap and water, and can even go through the dishwasher.

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